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    • Daily management of advertising campaigns which includes: trafficking, pacing, and optimization in Dart for Publishers.
      ● Partner with Account Managers to maintain advertiser client relationships and maximize campaign performance.
      ● Evaluate and test all ad creative for compliance of outlined site specifications as well as functionality.
      ● Troubleshoot ad creative issues that affect tracking, implementation, and/ or reporting.
      ● Traffic and implement 3rd party tags to support specific requirements from clients.
      ● Perform regular quality assurance checks on ads and galleries to ensure they are running as contracted.
      ● Work with tech team and set up ads for specific requirements.


    • 1-3 years of online ad trafficking experience using DoubleClick Dart for Publishers.
      ● Knowledge and experience working with ad tags, basic HTML and rich media and galleries.
      ● Experience with 3rd party tags from Atlas, DoubleClick, 24/7 Real Media, Point Roll, Eyeblaster, etc.
      ● Proactive and highly organized, with the ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously.
      ● Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
      ● Ability to work independently, multi-task and thrive in a fast-paced environment
      ● Strong understanding of Interactive Advertising Bureau guidelines and standards and avid interest in online media
      ● Familiar with Gmail, MS Excel, Power Point & Word


    XO Group Inc., (紐交所交易代碼:XOXO),坐落于紐約的全球領先婚尚資訊集團,誠聘網上廣告運營專員,為我們集團旗艦網站www.theknot.com及集團旗下其他品牌網站服務,進行廣告業務運營。


    1. 根據客戶經理的需求,對相關廣告進行日常管理,包括:廣告內容及創意的審核,廣告的庫存管理,通過DART等相關廣告管理系統發布廣告以及向客戶經理提出投放計劃的整改方案;
    2. 對廣告展示過程中出現的錯誤和突發事件進行排查并采取相應的應對措施;
    3. 與相關的合作團隊進行溝通交流,落實相應廣告投放的要求。
    4. 與開發團隊合作,建起與廣告相關的測試廣告。


    1. 具備廣告方面相關知識及經驗,具有網上廣告業務執行經驗者優先考慮;
    2. 具有使用DoubleClick for Publishers、Operative.one, TripleLift等相關廣告管理系統經驗者優先考慮;
    3. 優秀的英文書面溝通技巧、英文閱讀能力及自學能力
    4. 能獨立開展工作并具備較好的工作統籌能力,能同時執行多個工作任務,能適應較快的工作節奏;
    5. 做事細心,能兼顧任務完成的效率及質量;
    6. 熟悉Outlook, MS Office等辦公自動化軟件。